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  • Interior Design New York

    Dyan Grey created a beautiful contemporary aesthetic and made the best use of my space at my NY area, beach house home. Not only did she conceive warm and stylish interiors, but also achieved results that paid strong attention to functionality.

    Her use of color and blending of styles, materials and texture made my environment both special and comfortable at the same time. She came in on budget and oversaw a team of craftsmen that finished my renovation right on schedule.

    Dyan was flexible and easy to communicate with and very transparent about the entire process. She offered many exciting options and inspiring choices of furnishings, hardware and details to select from throughout the project. I would highly recommend Dyan to anyone looking to create a home that is stunning yet comfortable and warm. Her spaces work for intimate living as well as for entertaining.

    - MR
  • Interior Design New York

    Dyan Grey’s designs are innovative and exciting. The clean lines are very aesthetic while creating peace, harmony, comfort and warmth.

    - J. Fisher
  • Interior Design New York

    I had an absolutely wonderful experience working with DDG as they designed and selected the furnishings for my new home. Their creativity, professionalism and warmth all made it possible for them to really understand us and what we wanted. In fact, they helped us to better understand what we wanted! Our home is now the place we dreamed about having. It is comfortable for us on a daily basis and also a great space for gatherings with friends.

    Dyan and her team went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy. I highly recommend DDG Design Studio!

    - Ellen Bialo
  • Interior Design New York

    It is a pleasure for me to recommend interior designer Dyan Grey from DDG DESIGN STUDIO.

    Dyan has a keen eye that immediately captures the possibilities of any space. Her designs are streamlined and her perception of space is creative, unique and she has the ability to see the potential each one offers. The process of her designs is always comprehensive and organized and she follows through to the last minute and last detail. With that, Dyan is always attending to her customers’ wishes and their input, and keeps the lines of communication with them open. She has the ability to integrate her designs and accomplish what the client wants to achieve.

    My personal experience with her was a pure pleasure while achieving the most favorable results I could wish for.

    - G. Gurin
  • Interior Design New York

    DDG DESIGN STUDIO is a highly creative and disciplined design team offering unique solutions led by Dyan Ditolla Grey an artist and designer. DDG’s approach to interior spaces is sculptural, balanced and harmonious with an added warm aesthetic.

    - E. Ditolla
  • Interior Design New York

    Dyan Grey is an extremely talented and creative force. I loved working with her and her team at DDG Design Studio. The renovation went smoothly with all details considered. She added character and individuality to my home. We are very happy! She comes with my highest recommendation.

    - L. Angueira
  • Interior Design New York

    I met Dyan Ditolla Grey during a gracious event for designers one evening and immediately found common ground; me an International Architect engaged in high-end Residential Condominiums, Luxury Hotels and Commercial buildings and Dyan Grey, Owner and Principal of the firm, DDG DESIGN STUDIO located in downtown Manhattan, designing interiors for Residential, Hotel and commercial spaces! It was not until I visited the studio that I realized the amazing works of DDG and how, art, sculpture and architecture could actually mold into one piece of work. What raptures me is the masterpiece, an astonishing, elegant “Airwave”, a floating bed made of wood where slumber flies into dreams on a magic wooden carpet. A bed? I went down on my knees to see where were the supporting legs; but how?What sustains it? I can try to define DDG DESIGN STUDIO in a few words: Professional, Highly Creative, Disciplined with a dedicated design team headed by Dyan Ditolla Grey, artist, sculptor and creative designer. The passionate stride that shines through Dyan's work, ignites her team to phantom interiors never built before. DDG's interior spaces are sculptural, well balanced and harmonious but also occasionally spectacular! What must be noted is the warmth and honesty with which Dyan Grey communicates with her clients, insuring them, their needs and dreams will follow through.

    - Architect Maria Rengan Intl. Assoc. AIA
  • Interior Design New York

    Hired DDG Design Studio for design work including: furniture purchase & placement, architectural enhancements, color selection, etc. for New York Apartments & Florida Home. Great to work with and we highly recommend.

    - Randi Krapf
  • Interior Design New York

    Dyan's furniture design work is absolutely beautiful, soulful, and elegant. Her attention to details and sensitivity towards scale and texture is amazing. I collaborated with her on a design project which really shows that she's not only incredibly orga- nized and has great managing skills, but she's also very patient and sincere. Qualities that allow one to trust someone with both professional skills and work morality, which goes a long way.

    - Polley Wong
  • Interior Design New York

    I hired Dyan to design my 1000 sq ft hair salon located in the Hamptons 10 years ago. She in- stantly understood my vision for the space, and made it happen in a timely, professional manner....and made it fun! She delivered 100% on every level, exceeded all my expectations and to this day when new clients walk through my door they comment on the design of the salon. From lighting to furniture to space design, I couldn't be happier. Here's an added bonus, 10 years later the design still looks classically current and the materials she chose stood up to a heavily trafficked space. Bravo!!!

    - Mary Bonanno Brunetti
  • Interior Design New York

    I worked as cabinetmaker on this project and have worked successfully on several other projects with DDG Design Studio. Our collaboration has always been exciting resulting in the client's total satisfaction.

    - Howard Helene
  • Interior Design New York

    I consulted with DDG design studio when I moved into a new loft. I found the company to be pro- fessional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. They were there whenever I had questions and provided expert solutions to some difficult issues. I found them to be unusually creative whenever I wanted a touch of something special and worked within my budget and on time. I highly recom- mend.

    - Julie Dubow
  • Interior Design New York

    I observed and documented a renovation DDG Design Studio did of a residence located in Long Island. During the initial stages of planning the transformation of this home, I was impressed with how diligent the designer Dyan Grey was in handling everything from working closely with her contractor to choosing materials best suited for the success of the project. Her keen ability to communicate clearly and direct the entire renovation, which appeared daunting to me, was ex- traordinary. She consistently demonstrated an unflagging ability to take every challenge and turn it into an aesthetic wonder. Her use, or re-invention, of space is thrilling. Her color schemes, choice of wood surfaces and metal is sleek and elegant. Watching Dyan convert a modest older home into a light filled place that retains it's welcoming personality while getting such a stunning makeover is the mark of a true professional. She comes up with almost sculptural concepts that lend themselves to a new kind of interior de- sign, and watching her apply this signature style of hers to this particular project makes me look forward to seeing the finished product.

    - Susannah Kelly
  • Interior Design New York

    DDG Design Studio has been my go-to designer since 2001. The performance is consistently excellent and most importantly, issues are addressed quickly. Dyan is a real pro, easy to work with, and a great listener. I recommend this firm highly.

    - Tiga McLoyd