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As an Interior Design Firm in New York, we are problem solvers working to create an ease of living…

We help our clients who are looking to improve their spaces, both homes and businesses.

We help to put their ideas together, when they are unable to and do not have the time.

DDG DESIGN STUDIO INC has the knowledge and experience with the varying aspects of job costs, estimating, evaluating the scope of a project. We consider the clients budget made available on each project from interior furnishing to renovation, from small too large projects.

We have designed small spaces creating environments that provide the essential comforts and conveniences for daily life. We have designed large spaces maintaining a consistency in harmony. We bring the same style to our commercial environments.

Our philosophy focuses on creating an interior with and around the comforts of a home. We will do our best to utilize your existing pieces incorporating them into the design or we can begin with a blank palette. This includes careful consideration of our clients desires, needs, dreams.

It is a co-creative process, by which we start with the concept development. Once we develop the concept we begin to research and choose the materials and finishes while obtaining samples and prices in order to fit the budget. The areas being sourced might include but not be limited to flooring, floor and wall covering, furnishing, color, lighting, window treatments, art, accessories.

Interior Design New York

Our goal is to make this process fluid and provide an environment with style and personality as unique as the individual occupant of the space.

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