Our Services


At DDG DESIGN STUDIO INC, we offer personal design services to the discerning client who desires an environment with style  and personality as unique as the individual. DDG DESIGN STUDIO INC embraces the entire project (residential and commercial) from beginning to the end. We address every detail in order to satisfy the integrity and evolution of each idea. Our intention is to maintain a joint collaboration including concept, design, space planning, construction drawings, overseeing contractors, managing project, finalizing details.

  • Interior Renovation

    Our studio has redesigned and reconfigured spaces, transforming old to new, distressed to rejuvenated, dark to light, closed to open.

  • Furniture Design

    DDG plays with surfaces and planes creating dynamic interrelationships between forms. We have designed pieces for clients as well as prototypes for production, indoor and outdoor. Our pieces have been exhibited at the ICFF, Architectural Home Design Show, the Modernism Show and on Extreme Home Makeover.

  • Interior Furnishing

    Our philosophy focuses on building an interior with and around the comforts of a home. This includes careful consideration of the clients desires, needs, dreams.

  • Space Planning

    We have designed small spaces creating cozy environments, that provide the essential comforts and conveniences for daily life. We have designed large spaces maintaining a consistency in harmony. DDG's team brings the same style to their commercial interiors.

  • Creative Design Solutions

    DDG DESIGN STUDIO applies a refined sensitivity and ingenuity with an elegant outcome. There is an attentiveness to this studios approach in accommodating the clients needs. The outcome demonstrates an intimacy and respect for the clients vision.

  • Budgeting

    DDG has a knowledge and experience with the varying aspects of job costs, estimating, evaluating the scope of a project. DDG considers the clients budget made available.

  • Strategic Design Planning

    The design process is broken down into phases that are organized and coherent.