Earth Sculpture/Photography

TERRA VIVA (Earth Alive)

“I hope to convey a message through the sculptures that people can relate to capturing the reality that surrounds us…man’s inhumanity to mankind, his relationship to the environment (leading to self destruction) and the realization of the devastation (deriving from the wasteland) which now surrounds him…hoping to force him to recognize and concern himself with altering the direction of world affairs and environmental changes, the injustices suffered by the environment, in the name of progress and advancement for mankind.”

“My mission is to create bodies of work where people can find a common place to go to, to pray, meditate, center.  A place where people can go to and feel united instead of segregated.”

Dyan Ditolla Grey is a Manhattan- based artist. 

Dyan’s work consists of a dual art form, sculpture and photography.  She sculpts directly into the earth, chiseling the figures, which range from 4 ½ feet to 14 feet, to reveal the human condition.  She then photographs the sculptures over a period of time and their disintegration, capturing with the camera those tangible moments and phases in which the sculptures exist.

DDG prints and exhibits a limited edition of five (5 per image) 20 x 30 in. Cibachrome prints and a limited edition of twenty five (25 per image) 12 x 18 in. Gicleé prints.

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“When I sculpt, I challenge and endure nature's elements to complete a sculpture, knowing it will ultimately return to where it came from, the earth.”

In part, the dual art form represents a parallel between man and his existence from beginning to end. Therefore, what remains, which is parallel to our life cycle, is an image, a photograph, and the emotions. From dust to dust.

She has exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. For nine years Dyan’s work was represented and exhibited in Italy by the Il Diaframma-Kodak Cultura. Her show "Terra Viva" (Earth Alive) has traveled throughout Italy (Milan, Turin, Bergamo, Ferrara, Como) as well as to France (Nice), Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto), Korea (Seoul), and Switzerland (Losanna), Her work is exhibited in public, private, and corporate collections both nationally and internationally.

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She has completed permanent installations and commissions of her work in New Mexico. In addition to speaking engagements, Ms. Grey appeared in a featured segment on Fox 5 News, Good Day New York and was the featured artist on the Metro Channel, Manhattan.

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“…lucid testimonies to the discomfort of our daily lives; examined more fully, they focus with extreme clarity on our destiny. They are our portraits; we can easily replace the image we see with our own, attributing to it the entire weight of the solitude of our own consciousness…They are a monument to the present and it’s precariousness.”

- Franco Farina, Director, Palazzo Dei Diamanti, Ferrara, Italy

“The visual references of the works of Dyan Ditolla Grey continuously multiply and all with such an emotional impact…biblical salt statues, Pompeian molds, Michelangelesque prisoners, fallen soldiers in the mud, of all the trenches and all of the beaches.”

- Lanfranco Colombo, Il Diaframma, Milan, Italy

“Her monumental figures are ephemeral; they erode and are reclaimed by the earth…in the time between their completion and ruin, Ditolla Grey stages a series of richly detailed, color-saturated photographs.…the natural erosion of the site enhances meaning. Figures which were once whole become fragmented. And the land-from which the figures come to life—seems to bleed, as exposed veins of iron ore drip red pigment over the statues.

There is a spiritual intensity between the earth, the sculptures, and the artist which communicates a wide range of social, political and psychological concerns.”

- Mara A. Williams, Curator, Brattleboro Museum (BMAC), Brattleboro, Vermont

“…Dyan Ditolla Grey, author and originator of this form of art, creates transcending sculptures, then photographs and immortalizes them with the camera…The figures sculpted in time becomes traces and memory, all of it is catalyzed by the able sensitivity of the creative eye of the artist through the lens.”

- “Il Resto Del Carlino”