About Founder

Dyan Ditolla Grey

My background began in fashion, having studied at Traphagen School of Fashion. I then evolved into the fine arts as an earth sculptor and photographer, affording me the opportunity to exhibit in a Museum in Italy, then continuing to show in Europe, Asia & the USA. These career choices expanded my interests in materials, space planning & environments.

My return to study interior design became a highlight and an opportunity to combine my experiences. My approach to space is one, which creates harmony, considers the soul and engages the senses to form a complete environment. I believe design has the potential to change our emotional state, our thoughts, and how we choose to live; it can enhance our quality of life and everyone who shares it.

I received my BFA from the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID). I began my design career in merchandising and space planning in retail environments. I later took a position with an esteemed designer in New York. This offered me the opportunity to be committed to more personal projects, residential and commercial. After some time I opened my own firm, DDG DESIGN STUDIO INC.

Space Planning New York

My completed and current projects include full interior renovations and furnishings in private homes, brownstones, apartments, offices, and other commercial spaces.