DDG Design Studio: Dyan Ditolla Grey



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An interior designer, sculptor, photographer and furniture designer, Dyan Ditolla Grey sees a space from many angles. From her point of view, interior design is about the experience of a space, about being moved, a sensation so pure it almost defies description.

As an interior designer, Dyan is able to fathom the essence of her clients’ environment and capture their lifestyle. She is capable of exploding conventional notions, then bringing them back together to create environments that are daring and evocative, yet infinitely livable.

As an artist, she thinks conceptually and turns those thoughts into a physical form, with a result that is compelling and evocative. She looks at a space through the lens of a sculptor, seeing light, form and shape in a way only an artist can when she enters a room. Dyan understands that an environment is living and changeable, with an essence much larger and richer than its inhabitants. She treats interior spaces as art.

The interiors Dyan creates lure you inside and hold you there, inviting you to live in the experience. They have much in common with her sculpture: earthbound, yet alive with life force and energy.

Immerse yourself in the space where interior design and art come together in timeless elegance and ease.

Your Space.
Like Art.

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