About DDG Design Studio

Interior Design

DDG DESIGN STUDIO, a unique interior/furniture design studio established in 2000 is a small design firm. The creative energy of this firm is powerful and the finished products are compelling and exciting. Simplicity, luxury, elegance, and harmony define the aesthetic: the scope ranges from modern to eclectic.

Environmental awareness combines with precision, quality and exquisite detail to create the desired effect.  Interior design projects include residential and commercial.  The furniture design division evolved from successful designs for specific interiors.  Reinterpretation of classic style with an uncanny novel twist adds to the exclusive and unique signature of this firm.  The furniture designs are seductive and inviting in their subtle familiarity.  They have a universal appeal for indoor and outdoor use.

The design intent is to sustain the passage of time.

What distinguishes DDG DESIGN from other design studios is Ms. Grey’s given sensibility along with her experience as a gifted artist and entrepreneur.  The combination of these experiences affords Ms. Grey a unique and multifaceted approach.

DDG DESIGN STUDIO is working in close collaboration with Alphenberg Water Buffalo Leather.

Dyan Ditolla Grey

Dyan Ditolla Grey

The Graphite House Renovation in Closeup

Furniture Design

Attraction to natural material and texture is apparent in Ms. Grey’s furniture designs as well as interiors.  Rare woods are chosen specifically for their grain, depth and color and partnered with contrasting material. 

Her designs are distinct and credited with elegant and subtle versatility. 

A dining table of exotic wood and high-gloss white can be configured several ways while retaining the perfect composition of line and contrast. 

Blackened steel bed tables extend upward as partnered with the dark wood floating platform bed. 

Smooth mitered glass seems to barely touch its long lean asymmetrical blackened steel base in perfect harmony.

Materials are juxtaposed in graceful, linear designs where line extends beyond function.  The eye travels and is compelled by stunning and balanced proportions.  Unbridled play with form and balance has produced elegant, pure contemporary design.

The design’s appeal lasts a lifetime.

Unanimous positive affirmation for Ms. Grey’s furniture designs was the evident response to each of her exhibitions in New York City’s major design venues:  the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, the Architectural Digest Home Show, the Modernism Show. 

The Artist

Dyan Ditolla Grey is a Manhattan-based artist.

Her work consists of a dual art form, sculpture and photography.  She sculpts directly into the earth, chiseling the figures, which range from 4 ½ feet to 14 feet, to reveal the human condition.  She then photographs the sculptures over a period of time and their disintegration, capturing with the camera those tangible moments and phases in which the sculptures exist.

DDG prints and exhibits a limited edition of five (5 per image) 20 x 30 in. Cibachrome prints and a limited edition of twenty five (25 per image) 12 x 18 in. Gicleé prints.

“When I sculpt, I challenge and endure nature's elements to complete a sculpture, knowing it will ultimately return to where it came from, the earth.”

In part, the dual art form represents a parallel between man and his existence from beginning to end. Therefore, what remains, which is parallel to our life cycle, is an image, a photograph, and the emotions. From dust to dust

She has exhibited in museums and galleries in the United States, Europe, and Japan. New York exhibitions include the Parrish Art Museum Biennial (Southampton), the Elaine Benson Gallery (Bridgehampton), Nikon House (NYC), the Salmagundi Club (NYC), Neikrug Photographica Gallery (NYC), the National Academy Museum (NYC), and the Alternative Museum (NYC).

For nine years Ms. Ditolla Grey's work was represented and exhibited in Italy by the Il Diaframma-Kodak Cultura. Her show "Terra Viva" (Living Earth) has traveled throughout Italy (Milan, Turin, Bergamo, Ferrara, Como) as well as to France (Nice), Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto), Korea (Seoul), and Switzerland (Losanna).

Her work is exhibited in public and private collections both nationally and internationally. She has completed permanent installations and commissions of her work in New Mexico.  Ms. Ditolla Grey also completed a project in Lipari (one of the Aeolian Islands) in Sicily, Italy.

She is now in the process of planning a 3 part body of work which she will leave as a contribution for people of all denominations to center, pray, meditate.